Monthly Archives: August 2018

Ep 56: Makeup Boys

In this episode we cover two groundbreaking news items. We discuss a new, more humane form of ASMR which may ruffle some feathers. Then, we are the first to uncover a major secret WhispersRed ASMR has been dropping hints about in her videos. Finally, after months of broken promises, our Main Quest focuses on makeup tutorial ASMR.

Ep 55: Sleepy Times

John is extremely tired in this episode, can he make it to the end? After returning to our favorite top ten list of top ten lists of top ten lists we have quite a few Notable Vids to discuss. We spend quite a bit of time commending Goodnight Moon on all the excellent work she does, but then things take a turn when we uncover the lies no one else is talking about. We have some ASMR News items which are in line with Ian’s interest in advertising. Once again, we fail to make it to the cursed makeup tutorial Main Quest.